Paper Machines L&T (Voith), Jessop (Beloit) Voith
Grammage Range 40 to 120 g/m2 45/48/49 g/m2
Operating Speed 550 m/Min. 800 m/Min.
Capacity 600 T/day (Four Machines) 380 T/day
Stock Preparation Continuous Continuous
Fibre Recovery from back water Hedemora Disc Filter Dorr Oliver Disc Filter
Machine width (Deckle) 4.875 mtrs. at reel 6.75 to 6.80 Mtrs. at reel
Drive Thyrister Drive Thyrister Drive
Press Tri-Nip Press Tri-Nip Press. No open draw between Press Part & Dryers
Calendar 6 Roll Calendar stack/1 nip with one swimming 4Roll Calendar stack, i.e. 3 Nips with two swimming rolls
Winder Jagenberg (WG) Voith (WG)
Sheeter 5 Nos. – 40 MT x 2
-60 MT x 3
260 MT
Wire Part Foundrinier Twin Wire

HNL has the latest Pulp mill from Sunds (Sweden) which provides excellent quality of Pulp supported by on line freeness controllers. Basis Weight, Moisture, Ash and Caliper are controlled by MEASUREX (USA) Computer.

NPM and CPM have Voith / Beloit Supplier Paper Machine, "Kamyr". Continuous digester from Sweden. Quality Control System for paper has been supplied by ABB & Measurex.

Voith / L&T machine operates with size press. Measurex on-line process and quality control system. Beloit / Jessop machine – ABB online process of quality control system.

Focus on the HPC Mills – Process and Captive Capacities

Each Mill has an integrated Pulping Process (Kraft Process) to produce 100% Bamboo Kraft Pulp in a Kamyr Continuous Digester. The unbleached pulp is bleached in C-Ep-H-E-D sequence to produce pulp of 85% ISO brightness for manufacturing of Writing & Printing grades, surface sized varieties of paper and newsprint. Falling Film Evaporation technology adopted in NPM.

Each Mill has 30 MW capacity captive power generation facility and also Caustic Soda and Chlorine Plant of capacity 50 to 60 MT.

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